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Religious and Charitable Endowments and Essential of Valid Endowments

Indispensable duties of a Hindu are the performance of religious,pious and charitable act. To attain validity Endowments must fulfill some essential of valid endowments.Religious and Charitable Endowments are property set apart or dedicated by -
(a) For the worship of some particular deity.
(b) For the establishment or maintenance of a religious and charitable institutions.
(c) For the benefit of public.

Religious endowments are of two kinds they are:

1.Public endowments-In public endowments the dedications is for the use or benefit of the large or a specified a public trust the beneficial interest is vested in an uncertain and fluctuating body of person.

2.Private Endowments-When property is set apart for the worship of a family God.In which the public are not interested the endowments is private one.


Essential of Valid Endowments

(i) Absolute Dedication -The first condition provide that the donor must dedicated the property absolutely for the worship of a deity or for a particular charitable purpose.The donor
 must divest himself of the beneficial interest in the property.

(ii) Object must be Definite-In order to create valid endowments the object must be definite. The object of the gift must be definite idol or a definite charitable object.

(iii) Property must be specific-Another essential of valid endowments is property must be specific. No endowments is valid unless some definite property is dedicated.

(iv) Settler should be capable of creating endowments-In order to create valid endowments settler should be capable of creating endowments. The settler must be a major of sound mind, must  not suffer from any legal disqualification.

(v) Endowment must not be opposed to any law-The fifth condition is that endowments must not be opposed to any law.

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