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Amit Bhadana (Popular Indian YouTuber)

Making someone laugh enormously or in a way no one else can, is not less than a talent. This man can be defined as the most popular YouTuber from India or let's say the most popular comedian Indian YouTuber from India, who gained so much of popularity within no time. A man with creative personality in real. Did anyone knew that such an ordinary man who wasn't well recognised before, will ever become so popular ? See, time has no dimensions, it can change anytime. Stay committed to your motive in life, and nothing can change it, but only you. Amit Bhadana, is one of such kind people. Many, will surely like to know at least something about a creative person like him. Writing and sharing about such great people in world, is something like having a pleasure. So let's take a glance on his biography.

amit bhadana biography

Residence and Birth - He was born on 7th September 1991. He was raised up in Farhidabad, India. He is the son of Narendra Bhadana.
Education - He completed his high school at Lovely Buds Public School, and his further education at Delhi University. He was also a student of laws.
Career and Success - This young man, never knew that his interest for videos based on comedy, which many of us don't take so seriously, will turn out to be his goal and reason for success in life. His career started, simply by uploading a comedy video on his facebook page which at the beginning did not have much viewers neither comments. He upload his videos mainly in Gujri language. With due course of time, through that very video his life changed to a great extent. In less time, he did receive many positive comments from thousands of people. He started his self-titled YouTube channel since October 2012. Both his Facebook page and YouTube channel became worth it. It got about 3 million subscribers. One of his most popular YouTube video that received upto 1.5 million viewers is, "Don't judge a book by its cover." He hesitated to show up his real face at the beginning, but his friends did encourage him way too much. Though there were kinds of discouraged people, he had self confident, that never changed his motive in life. He presently collaborated with Harsh Beniwal, who is a comedian as well, at YouTube and Vine.
Amit bhadana

Favourites - He is interested in gymming, film watching and acting. Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan are his favorites among actors. Aishwariya Rai and Alia Bhatt are among actresses.
Amit bhadana

Motivational quotes - Amit's quotes do motivate and inspire many people. Some of them or let's assume my personal favourites are, "Apki andar jo talent hai, wo bahaar aana chahiye" (The talent you have inside, should definitely come out) ; "Har kaam ki shuruwat khatarnak hoti hai" (The beginning to every work is dangerous) ; "Parrai jaruri hai, par logo ko apni talent ke hisaap se kaam karna chahiye" (Education is important in life, but one must work according to his talent and capacity).

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