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Arunachalam Muruganantham (The Real Padman of India)

Of course many people out there, have watched this trending movie of 2018, PADMAN, and have got the central idea and main theme, through it. If haven't watched yet, i personally prefer everyone to watch it, both men and women. The physical and natural cause of women, what is known as mensuration is considered to be a taboo in Indian society. Uncivilized people adopt many unhygienic methods that leads to severe diseases of women. Instead of focusing and improving the unhygienic way of lifestyle, people mainly focus on traditional conceptions of mensuration. Arunachalam Muruganantham, despite being not so educated person nor from a well economic background, developed such ideas to improve the prevailing condition of women, that it inspired people all over the country. A person like him, has raised his name high above. He is of the view that the the hygiene of the country's women, is the main concern of the country's development. Take a glance and get influenced a bit or more by knowing about this great man.

Arunachalam muruganantham
Residence and Birth - Muruganantham, was born in 1962 and raised up at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He is the son of S.Arunachalam and A.Vanita, who aren't employed in a good occupation. They were just handloom weavers. Later, after the death of Muruganantham's father, his mother worked at a farm, to support the education of his son. However, lately he dropped his education.

arunachalam muruganantham
Career and Success - Arunachalam Muruganantham, a school dropout, who became a social entrepreneur, has reached a position very high enough. Despite striving of poverty, his ambitions made him rich in a way, that any amount of money couldn't. Mensuration is believed to be superstitious in various ways. Many women adopt unhygienic methods during their time of mensuration, among which was Muruganantham's wife. Muruganatham's main concern became to strike of such beliefs and do something beneficial and worth it, for all the women of the world, who can or cannot afford costly pads and lead unhygienic lives. He tried to convince his wife and many other young girls, for the test of his experiment. But none was convinced and refused to open up with their menstrual issues with him. He then himself tried out with the experiment, by using a bladder of animal blood. Lately did he knew that, commercial pads uses fibres from pine bark wood, that helps the pad to retain its shape. Slowly but efficiently, he invented low cost sanitary pad machines, whose manufacture cost is much and much less than the cost of commercial pads. He went to IIT Madras in 2006, to get some suggestions regarding this. His invention was then registered in the National Innovation Foundation's Grassroot Technological Innovation Award. He did won this award, and from this very point of life, his way to success began. These machines has been adopted in 4,300 villages and about 23 states of the country and in a progress to be adopted by other nations as well. Muruganantham, also established grassroot mechanisms, whose main aim was to  create awareness against unhygienic mensuration practices among the rural areas. He received many offers from companies, to commercialize his invention. But Muruganantham, refused to all the offers and made his mind to provide these machines only to self help groups run by women. This man has always been committed to his work of providing social aid. These cost effective machines made him won several prestigious awards. Moreover, as known to all, his success led to the release of the most influential, and trending movie of 2018 PADMAN, whose lead actor was Akshay Kumar and filmmaker R.Balki. This film totally based upon Muruganantham's life and his views, which proved to be a great success.

padman and his wife

Awards and Achievements - He was awarded Grassroot Technological Achievement Award in 2006 ; Padma Shri Award in 2016. Moreover, he was listed in 100 most influential people of the world by Time Magazine in 2014. Many more prestigious awards were also achieved by him.

Personal life - Muruganantham, is married to Shanthi Muruganantham since 1998. After the death of his father, he worked as farm labourer, welder, supplied food to factory workers and did several things, in order to support his family.

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