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Definition, Nature and Objectives of Geography

The definition, nature and objectives of Geography are been discussed below.

1. Definition of Geography : 

Geography is the study of the physical environment, in relation to the human world. The concepts of geography, are seen to have rooted in the thinking of the philosophers and geographers in different forms. Some of the definitions of geography, by different geographers are as follows -
(a) According to Immanuel Kant, "Geography is a name of description of the nature of the world."
(b) According to Vidal-de-la-blache,"Geography is the science of places."
(c) According to Griffith Taylor,"Geography is the science of correlation."
Thus, from the above definitions, a general statement can be made that, geography is the subject which deals with terrestrial space, process of phenomena on the surface of earth and behavioral pattern of man.


2. Nature Of Geography : 

(a) The geographer analyses the physical world and examines the relationship between places in order to throw light on the pattern nature og human activities.

(b) He investigates the interrelationship which exists between man and surrounding environment.

(c) In the field of study of geography, different questions have been asked, which distinguished it from other disciplines. These are what, why, where, when, how and who.

(d) There are basic questions which are of primary concern and they are, 'what is where', 'why there is spatial variation' and 'why the spatial distributions structured in the way they are'.

(e) These basic questions gave rise to "number concepts" , which answered the question 'what' , and "relationship concepts which answered the questions 'where', 'when' and 'who'. Both these concepts together answered the questions 'why' and 'how'.

(f) The works of 'ancient geographers' were descriptive in nature. While 'modern geographers' emphasized on spatial and areal structure, process and interrelationship.
Thus, it can be concluded that though geography is a dimensionless subject but yet it has got certain objectives that distinguish its nature from other disciplines.

3. Objectives Of Geography :

(a) As a social being, man with thousands needs, knowingly or unknowingly has created innumerable diseases on earth, and persons from different discipline have been trying to diagnose and prescribe medicines.

(b) In one hand, geography occupies a position between geology and climatology, and on the other hand between economic, sociology, political, historical and biology.

(c) What is unique about geography, is its objects of analysis of the earth's surface and its purpose is to understand how that surface is structured and differentiated.

(d) Geographers are now well equipped with scientific tools to measure spatial phenomena, the nature of occurrence, association, interaction, similarities and dissimilarities and the causes behind them.

(e) Geography tries to train future citizens of the world to imagine accurately the conditions of the great world and help them to think about the political and social problems in the world.

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