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Pewdiepie (The legend of youtube)

Has anyone wondered yet, who was the very first YouTuber, who started uploading gaming videos in a way that's unique ? Or the most richest and famous YouTuber ? Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is the name. PewDiePie is the username of Felix on his YouTube channel, which is popularly known worldwide. It has top subscribers which accounts for over 60 million. It is ranked as the 5th most viewed channel in YouTube. Moreover, Felix is interested in art and video games. He is also known by other names like Pewds, Poods and Pewdie. Talent comes from within if one knows to establish and recognise it in a good way and the right time respectively. Felix did change his talent into passion, and passion turned out to be the reason for his popularity. He is an example that what a person can be and stand in this world with his god gifted talent. He serves as an inspiration to millions of people.

Residence and Birth - Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was born on 24 October 1989. He is popularly known as PewDiePie. He was raised up in Gothenburg, Sweden. He presently lives in Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom. He is the son of Ulf Kjellberg and Lotta Kristine Johanna Kjellberg. His father is a chief executive in a company and his mother was named as CIO of the year, Sweden in 2010.

Education - He completed his graduation from Goteborgs Hogre Samskola, in 2008. Later, he studied at Chalmers Industrial Economics and Technology Management at  University of Technology, but dropped out in 2011. His passion for making a career in YouTube made him do so.

His known works - He is known for his popular vlogs, freestyle humor, horror playthroughs and reactions.


Career and Success - He started working for his passion towards YouTube in 2011 itself. He lacked support from his parents, for dropping out, for which he earned his living by selling dogs. Earlier, his original username for YouTube was PewDie which meant sound of lasers (Pew) and death (Die). But unfortunately he did forgot his password for which he developed a new username for what is now known as PewDiePie in YouTube. In no time, did he receive numerous subscribers which accounted for 60 million by 2011. His channel is mainly based on gaming videos. On his channel PewDiePie, the videos are been shown through a high pitch of Felix, as if he is having a conversation with a friend. Horror and action games like The Dark Descent and Amnesia were played in his channel. 'Fridays with PewDiePie', which is based on blogs on video games are been uploaded in his channel since September 2011. By 2013, PewDiePie got a view of almost 1.3 billion. It became an official app for iPhone, since 2014. He did change the content of his channel than before, due to confrontation of some sort of criticism. He also disabled the comment section of his channel for a while though. The main reason of his popularity is that, he was first YouTuber, who uploaded videos on gaming, unlike the ones who upload videos of themselves. But the success he received from the channel PewDiePie was like no other. It is worth to be known by all.

Awards - He achieved many awards such as the Starcount Social Star Award for the most popular social show, Sweden Social Star Award, Shorty Awards for Gaming (2015), Teen Choice Awards for Web Star Gaming (2014), 5th Streamy Award for Best Gaming channel.

Personal life - He is in a present relationship with Marzia Bisognin, and lives with her at Brighton, Sussex in England. He never wanted to be famous through YouTube. He only wanted to express his interests of gaming through it. But fortunately, now he is known all over the world. He made $7.4 million by 2014.

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