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Geography and its relation with other disciplines

Geography is the study of the physical environment,in relation to the human world.The concepts of geography,are seen to have rooted in the thinking of the philosophers and geographers in different forms.Geography and its relation with other disciplines are discussed below.
Geography is a link subject between physical and social sciences. It includes both nature and man, on their relationship.

Geography and its relation with other disciplines


(a) Geography and history 
Geography deals with space factor or places, while history  deals with time factor or periods.
geography and history closely related to each others.Geography describes the stage on which human life is enacted while history describes the drama of human life. No history can be complete without reference to space. No geography can be intelligible without reference to time. Geography helps to analyze how the physical factors have influence the history of a country. It is helpful in explaining a number of historical events.

(b) Geography and political science 
 Political science studies the foundations of the state and government. Political administration defers from country to country due to geographical factors. Physical conditions greatly influence the traditions, character, political principles of different people and countries. World citizenship and world government, have been the basic principles of both political science and geography, in the present day.

(c) Geography and economics 
Human activities are influenced and controlled more by economic factors. Geography now pays more attention to economic conditions. In economic geography various principles are described on the basis of which it is possible to study the economic aspects of the geographical factors. Geographical factors, govern the wealth of a particular country or nation.

(d) Geography and geology 
Both these subjects have strong links with the ideographic tradition. Geography describes concrete recognizable phenomena, while geology describes concrete simple phenomena. Both the subjects studies the distribution of rocks, minerals, their occurrence, hardness, physical components which are concrete and recognizable. Their relationship gave rise to another concept i.e, geomorphology of land-form geography.

(e) Geography and physics
As geography is the study of variable phenomena on the earth's surface, the mechanism of the phenomena requires to be studied within the framework of physics. Meteorology uses the methods of physics to interpret atmospheric processes ; Oceanography uses methods of physics to interpret hydrosphere processes. Geography seeks to draw the principles of meteorology and oceanography within its circumference.


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