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J.K Rowling (The Author of Harry Potter , Success Journey)

Falling down in every stage of life and than rising up to an ultimate and extreme level, ain't a small or ordinary thing in life. Life challenges us in every stage. Some aren't brave to face it while some never gives up, no matter what. Try to be that always. Discouragement, depressions and failure do exist in everyone's life. But these are not at all strong enough than your self power, bravery and true willingness to do something. Even wealth cannot buy such qualities within. You can achieve everything and anything in life, if you have a true desire for that. What's only permanent in this entire world is happiness and success. Once you achieve it, none can pull you down. Make your life worth to live. Joanne Kathleen Rowling, a British novelist is such an inspiration of all the qualities mentioned above. Her childhood was very much fascinating with her parents. She had interests in pottery, painting, literature and writings. She used to like to narrate her own written fairy tales. But this happiness did not stayed with her for long. She has suffered alone, more than enough from her youth to mature stage. But her perseverance to fulfill her ambitions made her name to be known worldwide now.


Residence and Birth - Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born on 31 June 1965 and brought up at Gloucestershire, England. She is the daughter of James Rowling and Anne Rowling who was an engineer and technician respectively.

Education - She was been primarily educated at St. Michael's Primary School, graduated from Wyedean School and later she joined University of Exeter.

Career and Success - Rowling's journey towards success was not at all easy. She had to face a lot of struggles. She was deeply interested in writings and wanted to make her career as an author. Her first attempt was towards the book 'Harry Potter', the idea of which was struck on her mind, while traveling from Manchester to London, via train. But before that she faced the death of her mother. She was completely been exhausted by the situation so much so that, in order to make her gloomy days disappear, she worked as an English teacher at Portugal for almost a year. This wasn't the end of struggle. Later, she was been divorced and had to raise her only daughter Jessica, alone as a single mother. She was facing unemployment situations. Lately, she decided to work on her first book of Harry Potter series, whose manuscript faced a lot of rejections from several publishers. She loosed her confidence meanwhile, but her continuous perseverance finally let her manuscript to be read by the editor of Bloomsbury Publishing Company. Although the editor was half convinced but he was fully convinced to publish her novel, by his then 8 years daughter who got interested in the chapters. Rowling thrived for success, worked on every bit of her work and made it to an extreme level. Her life of unemployed single mother, has finally and prosperously changed to a great author after the publish of the book 'Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone.' She published total seven books of the Harry Potter Series. These series of book, was been translated to 73 languages and 450 million copies and was best selling series so far. They have also came out as the film series.

Personal life - Rowling is been secondly married to Dr Neil Murray in 26 December 2001. She has one daughter named Jessica and two sons David and Mackenzie. She has a net worth of $850 million, as per recorded by The Sunday Times in 2017.

Brief description of the Harry Potter Series -
1. Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone : It was published in July 1997. This book was based on a young wizard named Harry Potter and his band at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
2. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets : It was published in July 1998. This book was based on a creature who forces Harry to return Hogwarts.
3. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban : It was published in July 1999. This book was based on Harry coming to know about Sirius Black who had plannings to kill himself after escaping from the Azkaban jail.
4. Harry Potter and The Goblet of fire : It was published in July 2000. This book is based upon Harry being selected to compete at inter school Triwizard Tournament. It was been printed in 5.3 million copies.
5. Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix : It was published in June 2003. This book is based on the warning of Lord Voldemort returning.
6. Harry Potter and Half Blooded Prince : It was published in July 2005. It was sold up to 6.9 million copies. This book is based upon Harry knowing about an old textbook that belongs to a person, calling himself half blooded prince.
7. Harry Potter and Deathly Heroes : It was published in July 2007. This book is based upon Harry, Ron and Hermione, who destroys each Horcrux, in order to make sure of Lord Voldemort's death. It was the final and largest order book of the series.

I, personally admire people with such brave qualities. Thinking of, her such enormous struggle till her extreme success, feelings of inspiration develops within one self. She had nothing and now she is herself everything. It's totally undeniable. God be with ones who truly believes in their dreams and desires, despite all difficulties.

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