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Nipah virus and symptoms of nipah virus

Nipah Virus, is basically a newly developing splenic fever, that causes severe diseases in both animals and humans. Nipah Virus and symptoms of nipah virus are a prevailing news in the recent days. Nipah Virus, comes under the category Zoonotic disease, which can be caused due to viruses, fungi and bacteria. It generally gets transmitted from affected animals to humans or from affected human to human. This Virus got its name as Nipah, after the name of the village where it occurred for the first time. Nipah virus and symptoms of nipah virus are been discussed below, to raise awareness among the people to some extent.


Cause, Identification and Breakouts :
In the year 1998, Nipah virus and symptoms of nipah virus was identified for the first time in the world when it broke out, as a brain fever or respiratory illness among the pigs, in the place Kampung Sungai Nipah village, situated at Malaysia. The pig farmers got affected through contact with them. This Virus results from meagre to drastic form among the domestic animals especially pigs. And in the year 1999, Nipah virus and symptoms of nipah virus was identified in Singapore, as a rubor disease in humans. It results fatal encephalitis or respiratory infections in human beings.
The spread of this Nipah virus and symptoms of nipah virus was recorded in the year 2004, at Bangladesh, when people had consumed date palms that were infected by the urine or saliva of bats. This was the first form of transmission from animals (especially pigs and fruit bats) to humans. Later, transmission from one person to another was also recorded in a hospital, in India. It affected areas of Siliguri and Kerala, resulting to deaths of more than 14 people. Besides, Bangladesh and India, the Nipah virus and symptoms of nipah virus has also been recorded in countries like China,  Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Africa and Madagascar. There is direct transmission of this disease from one person to another through close contact. There is no specific remedy, therapy or vaccine yet discovered, to cure after getting affected both in case of human and animals.

Nipah virus and symptoms of nipah virus

Every disease or virus has its respective symptoms. Nipah Virus, is a scandalous disease, that has resulted various deaths in several places of the world along with India itself. There are not any severe symptoms of Nipah Virus, rather it results only minor signs, due to which people suddenly cannot identify.
In order to make each one of you alert about each symptoms of Nipah Virus, they are been discussed below.
(i) Some of the common, usual or early signs are headache, vomiting, sore throat, muscle pain and fever.

(ii) It decreases the consciousness of mind and also causes neck rigidity and photophobia.

(iii) It causes difficulty in breathing process, resulting due to respiratory infection. This may further lead to the cause of pneumonia.

(iv) It results in the collection or filling up of fluids in the lungs, causing acute respiratory distress. It descends the amount of oxygen and ascends the amount of carbon dioxide, which is very severe.

(v) It causes swelling of the brain tissue, which is known as fatal encephalitis. This may further lead to dizziness and drowsiness. Sometimes, it results to coma, within hours of 24 or 48.

Nipah virus and symptoms of nipah virus is disastrous and has a capacity to cause 40% to 75% of deaths. It has a mortality rate of 54% according to research and findings. Although its symptoms are minor to listen but they are most severe and powerful and can take lives immediately. Raising awareness among the mass of population, about the Nipah Virus and symptoms of nipah virus, would definitely help you to be safe from the vulnerable and treacherous Nipah Virus, in the future.

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