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FIFA World Cup 2018 interesting facts

FIFA, is a French association related to the worldwide popular game, football. There are several and numerous FIFA World Cup 2018 interesting facts, many of which are not aware to you. FIFA, originally stands for "French Internationale De Football Association." But in general it stands for "International Federation of Football Association." Not only the football passionates, but there are many who loves FIFA World Cup.

Many of you all might be planning to visit it this year or many might be planning to watch it on television as usual.  Whatever the reason is, you all must be suspicious to know about the FIFA World Cup 2018 interesting facts.

The FIFA World Cup was discovered in the year 1904. Its headquarter is located at Zurich which is situated in Switzerland. It has 211 member nations. The president of FIFA is Gianni Infantino. Further below, you will find not only thes FIFA World Cup 2018 interesting fact but you also find the general facts about the FIFA World Cup. The people who are not yet aware what FIFA is, shall now onwards have a general idea about it. 


FIFA World Cup 2018 interesting facts 

Let's now have a look on the, FIFA World Cup 2018 interesting facts, that might blow up your mind.

1. The FIFA World Cup 2018 will be the 21st World Cup of FIFA.

2. FIFA World Cup, is held after every four successive years. This year 2018,it is going to be held in Russia, ranging from the dates, 14 june to 15 July.

3. A totality of 32 countries will be engaged in  the FIFA World Cup 2018, among which 14 will represent European zone, 10 will represent Asian and South American zone, 5 will represent African zone and 3 will represent North American zone.

4. This World Cup of 2018 will be held in 12 respective stadiums at 11 cities of Russia, one of which is the, Luzhniki Stadium, situated at Moscow. The 11 respective cities are Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Samara, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Saransk, Rostov-on-don, Kaliningrad and Sochi.

5. This year, there will be no requirement of visa to enter the FIFA World Cup 2018, in Russia. The only thing that will act up as an entry and exit consent or permit, will be a Fan ID, along with the evidences of ticket purchase and other necessary documents. 
6. This year, the FIFA World Cup, will have its openings by Russia and Saudi Arabia, which are the most lowest ranked teams.

7. Usually in the FIFA, three substitutions are permitted. But in the FIFA World Cup 2018, there would be four substitutions. In case a player is wounded, extra time would be given to the match.

8. Russia would have to fetch an amount of approximately $12 million, this year to the FIFA World Cup association.

9. An amount of 400 million will be awarded to the victory seeker team of 2018. This year the amount has been increased with a rate of 12% as compared to the last years.

10. The FIFA World Cup 2018, will probably be the last year to get engaged with 32 counties. From 2026, the number of countries will be extended to 48, according to the President of FIFA. This tremendous change might also occur from the year 2022.

11. The FIFA World Cup, is always held in distinctive countries. The respective country, where it is held gets an direct entry to the World Cup, each time.

12. The first country to organise and win the FIFA World Cup was Uruguay, which won against Argentina, in the year 1930.

13. The country which grasped the maximum designations, in the FIFA World Cup, is Brazil. It won a totality of 5 tournaments which accounts for 25%, ranging from the years 1930 to 2014. Italy and Germany accounts for 4 designations each, till date.

14. Germany, is the only country that secured maximum number of goals in the last three years of World Cup.

15. The crucial and foremost companies which act as a promoter to this respective World Cup are Hyundai, Visa, Adidas, Coca Cola, Qatar Airways, Wanda Group and Gazprom.

16. The victory seeker team, of the FIFA World Cup, is usually prized with an amount of $35 million and the runners up teams are prized with an amount of $25 million. The participant teams are further prized with an amount of $8 million. However, this year it will be increased to some extent.

These were some of the FIFA World Cup 2018 interesting facts, which I personally consider to be interesting and fascinating. People should keep themselves updated about all the prevailing events or occasions held in our world. I truly aspire that today's blog on the FIFA World Cup 2018 interesting facts had, let each one of you know many new things.

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