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Neel Akash Biography popular singer of Assam

Neel Akash Biography 

Neel Akash, is another music icon of Assam, who is popularly known by a mass of people in and
out of Assam, and possess numerous fans. Neel Akash Biography popular singer of Assam, is  very significant and crucial to look upon, as he is one of the influential person of our state, Assam.

Before having a look upon Neel Akash Biography singer of Assam, one should have a general information about who he really is rather than a singer. Neel Akash is a lyricist, music composer and a musician. He plays up musical instruments like vocals and acoustic guitar.

Neel Akash's favorite singer is Zubeen Garg. He has a similar nature like Zubeen Garg. He has endless love for everyone, irrespective of caste, religion, rich or poor. It is very beneficial for everyone of you to know about him, as he is marking his name to an extreme level, in our state Assam. Each of you should look upon his biography and build up a sense of encouragement and 
feel proud to have people like him in our state. Let's now have a look upon Neel Akash biography.

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Neel Akash Biography popular singer of Assam

Residence and Birth 
Neel Akash's real name is Sanjay Das. He was born on 15 November and brought up in Bordubi, Tinsukia, Assam. He currently resides in Moran, Assam.

Neel Akash got his graduation from Tinsukia College, situated at Tinsukia itself.

Career and success 
Neel Akash always had passionate interest towards music and culture. Rather than music, he has interest in traveling places and playing cricket. Besides this, he plays instruments like vocals and acoustic guitar.

Neel Akash has been a singer from last ten years. He started his profession as a singer from the year 2008. He got his ultimate success, when his song Sakuntala from the album Bihuwan, got its popularity in the year 2016. This particular album has more than 9 lakhs view on YouTube. He along with making his career as a singer, also made his career as a lyricist, musician and a composer. He received success in each of it.

As a singer, some of his popular songs that took its way are Sakuntala (2016), Juwabar Bihute (2016), Nodi Goi (2016), Bihuti Ahile (2016), Tumak Biya Dibole (2016), Tumar Kajol (2016), The Lachit (2017), Senimai (2017)

Awards and Recognition 
Neel Akash has been awarded the Best Debute Male Singer award by the Ramdhenu channel, for the song Sakuntala from the album Bihuwan in 2016.

Personal Life 
Neel Akash has a net worth of Rs 2.5 lakhs per show and Rs 25,000 per song approximately.

So, in Neel Akash biography popular singer of Assam, we came to know many things about him. His albums are mainly of Assamese and Adibasi. Each of Neel Akash's songs and albums marked its popularity within short duration of time.

He has cultural interests and hold up his culture no matter what. Exploring about such good people of our state feels so proud and good. I truly aspire like always, that like the other biographies, today's biography on Neel Akash, had also let you know a lot and love him even more.


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