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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Radha kumari Assam Agriculture University student murdered in train Assam, Simaluguri

A tragic and unexpected incident occurred today 10 July 2018. A daughter and a sister Radha kumari Assam Agriculture University student murdered in train Assam, Simaluguri. This treacherous incident occurred in no time.

Radha kumari Assam Agriculture University student murdered in train Assam, Simaluguri


Radha Kumari, who was a student of Assam Agriculture University was travelling to her uncle's house situated at Golaghat. Her mother made her board the Kamakhya Express train, from Sibsagar Railway station around 8:50 am. She carried Rs.10,000 which was given by her mother to let her buy a mobile phone. Further, she was about to reboard another train at Furkating station. Unexpectedly, before reaching her destination, her body was found in inexplicable and horrified position.

She was brutally murdered and was layed down with blood surrounded on all sides, at the train's toilet at 9:10 am, when it reached Simaluguri station. The situation is still in a suspicious state, as speculations are been made that she was not only a victim of murder but also rape. Confirmation towards it will only be done after the body gets fully diagnosed. Further her mother also states that she became a victim of this treacherous incident only because of money.

It can be stated to some extent that as this incident happened only within a duration of 20 minutes, it can be certainly make out that she had an eye from very earlier. Whatever it may be without delaying, the police administration should find out the criminals and provide them with their deserved punishment. Moreover, the people who were present nearby and had some instincts of the situation, should help the girl to achieve justice by helping out the police to some extent with their investigation. The criminals, truly deserve to get hang to death or get a life's imprisonment, as soon as possible.

Every now and then, the situations are getting worse. It's only because of corruption and lack of humanity. It is very certain that we either have to sink down completely in the sea of corruption or we shall swim and cross it together. Separation of party's ideology between people is of no use. Now it's time to change the system and to stand together.

Nobody knows who becomes the victim of what. Such hazardous and similar incidents like Radha kumari Assam Agriculture University student murdered in train Assam, Simaluguri  are happening from several years. Neither the criminals get the desired punishment nor there is a reduction of such situations. It is becoming more than difficult to live in such an environment. People only have expectations towards the government and police administration.

They should also be aware that they themselves are also responsible towards such horrified situations. They should keep away selfishness and show compassion and kindness towards everyone irrespective of caste or religion. They should raise their voice until true justice and humanity prevails. In order to live peacefully such situations should be completely eliminated, instead of reducing it.

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