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Cristiano Ronaldo donates 77 crores to Kerala relief fund is fake

A devastating situation of Kerala's flood is been prevailing in the recent days as many of us are aware of it. Tremendous loses are also been occurring frequently. Moreover, along with it a news regarding Cristiano Ronaldo donates 77 crores to Kerala relief fund is fake, is also been prevailing at the same time.

No doubt, that Cristiano Ronaldo is an amazing player, but this particular news regarding that he donated Rs 77 crores for the present situation of Kerala, is ultimately fake, as because so confirmation has yet been done by Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

Cristiano Ronaldo donates 77 crores to Kerala relief fund is fake. But this has become an eye catching news presently. Moreover, it has become viral on all social media platforms to such an extent that, his number of fans are been increasing tremendously, regarding this news to be a truth.

Cristiano Ronaldo donates 77 crores to Kerala relief fund is fake 


The prevailing situation of Kerala is becoming worse with each passing day. This natural disaster is resulting loses after loses. The most affected one at present is the Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL). The state government is been working towards it to some extent but    yet not received to the ultimate level of people's expectations.

People and companies of different states are making their continuous contributions for this situation. Signs of improvement are very minor as estimated, but effective steps are been going at the same time. Moreover along with the people and companies, a news regarding Cristiano Ronaldo donating Rs 77 crores to the Kerela relief fund, has gone viral not only on social media platforms but also among a mass of population all over the world. 

This has increased the number of fans of Cristiano Ronaldo to a great extent. Being unaware of it to be a fake, people of not only Kerala but also of other states and countries are making continuous praises towards him. No doubt, he deserves praises for his work and the person he is, but people considering a fake news to be a truth is not at all justifiable. This particular fake news has been interpreted in such a way that people are denying to consider it to be a fake.

Cristiano Ronaldo, himself has not yet confirmed that he donated such a huge amount to the Kerala relief fund.  And moreover, no confirmations are yet been done by the state government of Kerala. This is not a first time that Cristiano Ronaldo's donation turned out to be a fake. Similar thing happened, during the Nepal's earthquake in 2014, when it was estimated that Cristiano Ronaldo donated $8 million to the earthquake relief fund of Nepal. This also turned out to be a fake news.

People should become aware as soon as possible. They should stop spreading this fake news as because people are denying to regard it to be fake. Cristiano Ronaldo donates 77 crores to Kerala relief fund is fake. People should consider to learn the truth as soon as possible. Moreover, this fake news has no link to the person he is. So, negative comments regarding it should not prevail in the near future.

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