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Meet Anna Worden kiki challenge victim from Bettendorf lowa

Meet Anna Worden kiki challenge victim
As you are aware that the social media kiki challenge is going viral on an extreme level, where a person has to get out of a moving car and dance to the beats of Drake's song In my feelings. The people are finding it to be so exciting that they are ready to risk their lives without having a second thought. Meet Anna Worden kiki challenge victim from Bettendorf lowa, which is very much essential to know as it would drive away all your misconception and desire for this particular challenge. 

This very challenge was developed by the Instagram comedian Shiggy. He himself recorded a video doing silly dance at the middle of the road to the song of Drake. He acted as riding a car to the song lyrics of 'are you riding' and a making a heart symbol to the line 'kiki do you love me?' This very challenge came to be popularly known as Do the Shiggy Dance.

This very challenge wasn't only desired by some common people to do upon but also various celebrities like Will Smith. Numerous people got themselves injured doing this particular challenge. Meet Anna Worden kiki challenge victim from Bettendorf lowa, who got critically hurt, after this social media craze.

Meet Anna Worden kiki challenge victim from Bettendorf lowa 

Anna Worden

Anna Worden, a 18 years old teenage girl hailing from Bettendorf, lowa thought that it would be fun to do this particular challenge as everyone is going crazy about it on a worldwide basis. She, while doing this challenge confronted a terrific outcome in her particular life.

She while jumping out of the car got hit herself on her head on the ground in a very critical way that she totally became in an unconscious state. She was immediately taken to the University of lowa hospitals, where she was been examined very carefully. Reports have stated that she even got internal bleeding in her head. She even lost the ability to walk properly. Now she is under extreme medical care at intensive care unit (ICU) and is on the way to walk like before. This terrific accident took place on 23 July.

Anna Worden, has interest of dancing since she was a child. Unexpectedly and sadly, this teenage girl is now learning to walk again. She stated that the last thing that she remembered was opening the door of the car. After that she was astonished to wake up in such a critical condition in the hospital. She now wants to warn all the people worldwide to be careful and aware of such social media fun activities. Further, she stated that such activities may look easy to act upon but the consequences are very much terrific, of which she became a victim.

The police adminstration is now very fearful about the present condition of the society as because such craze has gone so much viral that someday it may even kill many victims if not stopped yet. Meet Anna Worden kiki challenge victim from Bettendorf lowa whose situation, shocked the heart and mind of everyone.

It's a request to each and every individual all over the world that, stay aware of such social media challenges, the consequences of which may not be known to anyone. It may seem fun but it would put your life on danger.

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