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Momo challenge in India, 15 years girl died by Momo challenge in Ajmer, India

Social media got another equipment to put the life of many in danger. It's the new Momo challenge that's prevailing in the recent days. It also got viral in India as well. Momo challenge in India, 15 years girl died by Momo challenge in Ajmer, India.

This challenge which has a unusual name called Momo, is somewhat similar to the Blue Whale game that was prevalent some months back, which started via WhatsApp. Similar to the game Blue Whale, the new Momo challenge in India, is also been putting the life of many innocents in danger.

This game provides with irrelevant challenges which bound the people to do it in some way or the another. Momo challenge in India, 15 years girl died by Momo challenge in Ajmer, India. Momo challenge, got started via the wide platform Facebook, which deals with some unknown numbers which forces the people to connect to it.

Momo challenge in India, 15 years girl died by Momo challenge in Ajmer, India


The new Momo challenge got started via the social media platform, Facebook. It deals with an unknown number which challenges and provokes the people to interact and connect with it, further after which it provides irrelevant challenges to its victims which puts their life in danger and also bounds them to confront their death. The unknown numbers are usually from Japan, Mexico and Colombia. It is similar to the Blue Whale game that got started some months back, which had resulted 130 suicides to take place in Russia.

The Momo challenge comes with an unusual face of a woman with disturbing features like bulging eyes that was developed by the Link factory for an art exhibition only, in Tokyo and not for other irrelevant purposes which are prevalent nowadays. This provocation bounds the people to believe that they have their personal information and moreover, deals with so much exhaustive insults that it bounds the people to commit suicide. This challenge is been utilized by the criminals for stealing data from the people through Facebook and WhatsApp as stated by Rodrigo Nezm of Brazil's Safetnet.

This unusual Momo challenge also reached India, whose first victim became an innocent 15 years girl of Class 10, hailing from Ajmer. As investigated, the police department got to know through her friends that, the girl was very much excited to reach the last level of the game. Her brother also stated the way she played the game during her lunch and other times. The game completely got her in a trap that she was totally unaware of the horrific consequences. Through further investigations, it was found that she got her wrists slitted and then hung herself after which she confronted her death. The parents of the girl, is been forcing the police department to go through more enquiry and trap the criminals as soon as possible.

The police department is scrutinizing the way how it affected the 15 years girl to confront her death. They are speculating that the criminals behind the Momo challenge acquired the internet history and personal information of the girl. Moreover, they are not yet confirmed about the exact way through which the innocent girl hung herself to death. They are also investigating the main origin and the criminals of this violent game.

This challenge got its first victim in Argentina, where a 12 year girl treacherously committed suicide. This game got viral in various countries like Argentina, Mexico, France, America, Germany and now also in India. As stated by police departments of various countries, people shouldn't fall a trap to such online games as they are taking the lives of many innocent ones. It may be very eye catching to look upon, but its consequences are very much horrific.People all over the world, especially the youth generation  should become aware of the violent results of social media and also its consequences.

As it also reached India, it's people should become aware as sooner as possible. Momo challenge in India, 15 years girl died by Momo challenge in Ajmer, India. The parents should prevent their children from such harmful consequences of social media. The games, links, messages and videos that comes via platforms of social media ultimately becomes a trap to gather personal information of the users.

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