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Himangshu Neog Guwahati University 3rd Semester B.Tech student died

Medical irresponsibility, have took away the life of a young student who was pursuing his education at Guwahati University. Himangshu Neog Guwahati University 3rd Semester B.Tech student died, because of the inexperienced doctors as estimated.

On 04 October 2018 (Thursday),  Himangshu fainted and fell on the ground during his classes, leading to certain injuries on his head. Although, he was been immediately admitted to the Guwahati University Hospital, he couldn't survive and confronted his death the next day.

Himangshu Neog Guwahati University  the reason of which is the complete negligence of the doctors. He would have survive, if effective measures were taken by the doctors.

Himangshu Neog Guwahati University 3rd Semester B.Tech student died

A student Himangshu Neog, of 3rd Semester, Guwahati University who was pursuing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication confronted his death due to severe negligence of the doctors. On 04 October 2018 (Thursday), during the period of his classes, Himangshu suddenly fainted on the ground and was out of his conscious mind. He was also injured on his head. He was immediately been admitted to the Guwahati University Hospital. Later, he was been shifted to the Mahendra Mohan Choudhury Hospital.

As estimated, the doctors of both the respective hospitals weren't experienced enough, due to which they couldn't examine Himangshu properly. They gave reports which was not appropriate enough to believe upon. The complete negligence of the doctors made this young soul confront his untimely death on 05 October 2018 (Friday). His condition wasn't severe to a much extent for him to face the death. With prior concern and effective measures of the doctors, he would have survive.

The students of Guwahati University are constantly making protests outside Guwahati University Hospital, for acquiring justice for the young soul Himangshu Neog. They have further made the doors and gates of the hospital locked. The prevailing situation should be examined and investigated further until acquiring the specific reason of his death.

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