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Meet Bhabajeet Choudhury, MMA Fighter from Assam, India

The state Assam, developed a trend to acquire victory in some fields from the last few years continuously. The talented habitants of Assam are proving to be victorious in something or the other, ultimately resulting Assam to be known all over the world in general and in India in particular. Many of such talented souls of Assam although being victorious are not known in each corner of our country. With this to be a primary concern today, let's Meet Bhabajeet Choudhury, MMA Fighter From Assam, India.

 Bhabajeet Choudhury, MMA Fighter Assam, India

Our North-East India is proving to be recognised in the country, through various aspects. No doubt, it lacked or is still lacking certain infrastructural and other facilities, but one thing is certain that, despite of certain limitations, North-East people are proving to be glorious with their incomparable talents, in such a way, resulting each state of North-East including Assam in particular, to be eminently known in India.

Assam manages to be victorious frequently, in the field of SportsMartial Arts is one of such sports, through which Assam, despite of lacking certain infrastructural facilities, was been recognised. Bhabajeet Choudhury who contributed towards Assam, to be identified by all the people, by being one of the most prominent Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) and winning the WUSHU National Championship and Super Fight League (SFL).

Meet Bhabajeet Choudhury, MMA Fighter from Assam, India 

Bhabajeet Choudhury has been born and brought up in Bajali, Barpeta, located in Assam. He acquired his education career at Goalpara, Assam. Bhabajeet witnessed an unique passion towards sports, Martial Arts in particular, developing within himself from a very early stage of life. He started acquiring minute details about at least eight forms of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) by the year 2002. After a duration of five years he got introduced himself towards WUSHU, and acquired it's basic learning at Nehru Stadium, located in Guwahati.

 Bhabajeet Choudhury, MMA Fighter

Bhabajeet became one of the most prominent Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) from Assam, by winning the WUSHU National Championship, Super Fight League (SFL), and other prestigious championships as well. He possess various other recognitions and acquired 3 Gold Medals in WUSHU National Championship, Silver Medal in International Kick Boxing, Bronze Medal in Asian Championship, Bronze Medal in Asian WUSHU Championship (Vietnam) and Asian Best Fight Finish Award.

He introduced Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), in Assam by the year 2009, and established a training institute known as 'Bidang' which emphasises to provide training towards all the martial arts - interested inhabitants of Assam. Moreover, this institute also focuses to assist the children who are addicted towards drug.

 Bhabajeet Choudhury  MMA Fighter

Being the citizen of India and an inhabitant of Assam, people rather than scrolling social media and adoring irrelevant things, should definitely and specifically adore all our talented souls who are marking their names through tremendous and deterministic hardwork. The human resource of our North-East India is developing with each passing year.

Many people are either not properly known or are forgotten despite of certain prestigious achievements and their transcendent contribution towards their particular state or country. The main concern to Meet Bhabajeet Choudhury, MMA Fighter from Assam, India, through the blog today, was to let him to be proudly and pretentiously known, not only at a few regions or states, but in each and every corner of our country.

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