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Madhu, Student of Navodaya Engineering College Raichur, found dead (Sign the Petition for Justice of Madhu)

Traces of inhumanity is not taking it's name to fade away completely, in many parts of India even now. Government measures, literacy rate and every socio-economic and political measures are not been implemented properly in our country, if cognize properly. This was been proven again, with the incident of Madhu, Student of Navodaya Engineering College Raichur, found dead (Sign the Petition for Justice of Madhu) that took place within these days of recent.

Question arises each and every day, as why the development of our country is still laging behind. The answer to it is and shall be that, if the human resources are been eliminated through deaths and miseries, how will any sort of development will pave it's way to get implemented and reach the corners of every society. It's a vital topic that has been prevailing and should prevail in every corner of the country.

No matter how much policies the government implements, until and unless, education gets congruously implemented, and people from each corner of the country gets aware of the instability taking place in the path of peace and security of the country, such tragic miseries will never get vanished. Minimization of misery is not we the people of India want. Complete elimination of inhumanity and misery is what we people aspire our country to have. The prevailing voice of the incident of Madhu, Student of Navodaya Engineering College Raichur has trembled the stable peace and the minds of people, of the country, within a minute or two.

Madhu, Student of Navodaya Engineering College Raichur

Madhu, Student of Navodaya Engineering College Raichur, found dead 

13th April 2019 (Saturday), has marked another day, when the physical existence of a beautiful soul of India, was been eliminated from her respective family in particular and from the country in general, through the cause that have convulse the hearts and minds of a mass of people in India.

Madhu, who was a student of Navodaya Engineering College, located at district of Raichur, Karnataka, was been brutally raped and murdered on 13th April 2019 (Saturday). Her body was found 3 days after her death, that is on 16th April 2019 (Tuesday). Further, she was found to be burnt and hanged in a tree, amidst a forest, 5 to 6 kms away from her respective college, where she was pursuing her engineering degree. Although after the cause of her death was been identified, the reason that led her death to eventuate, is still under strict investigation.

In order to suppress the verifiable cause of Madhu's death, distorted speculations are been made, signifying the cause of her death to be suicide, as she was been found hung on a tree. This fallacious cause is advancing it's way to reach the ears of many people. According to some activists, this suppression of the accurate cause of Madhu's death, is been made by the Indian police and some people, who might have been compensated. However, Madhu's cause of death is been substantiated through her medical reports, which stipulates that rape and murder, was exactly what took away her life. Besides, she was been half burnt after her rape and murder, and before being hung on the tree, which ultimately proves that the cause of suicide speculated by the people, is far away and has nothing to do with her sudden death.

An online petition has been commenced by the activists of India, through change.order in order to make justice precede it's way towards Madhu and her family, the link of which is given below


Please do show your concern and let your inner humanity arise. Your one contribution towards the incident of Madhu, Student of Navodaya Engineering College can change the prevailing laging condition of our country, and can make justice overpower Madhu and her family. Attempts towards it can only be done by signing in the petition in the link above.

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