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5 Reasons Why You Need To Explore Meghalaya

It's time to promulgate new zest to your mind. The abode of clouds, Meghalaya, located at the North-Eastern region of India will fill your soul. The state was been formed by the tribes of Garo, Khasi and Jaintia, as a self-governing and independent state, segregated from Assam, which it was a part of earlier. It is ranked 24th in the literacy rate of India. Today, the 5 reasons why you need to explore Meghalaya shall proliferate your curiousity towards the place.

Exploring places, never goes out of trend and is only way through which, one can apprehend the ravishing diversification of the world. Being one of the seven sisters state of North-East India, the entire Meghalaya with each of it's districts plays a role of cultural and instinctual significance, which protuberates instantly and manifestly to the people visiting there.

Terrain, altitude and natural reliefs, everything seems to be so exemplary here. What's the gratification, if everything is said so succintly about this perplexing place to explore. No doubt Meghalaya comprises several distinct reasons worthy to visit for, but these 5 reasons why you need to explore Meghalaya discussed further, seems to be more enthralling and conspicuous.

 Explore Meghalaya

 Reasons why you need to explore Meghalaya

Cleanest and Gleaming Village

Asia Cleanest Village Mawlynnong

Encompassed with the Asia's cleanest village, named Mawlynnong, becomes another notable reason to explore Meghalaya. Along with being the owner of the title of Asia's Cleanest Village for more than a decade, since the year 2003, by Discover India, Mawlynnong has an appropriate and preferable literacy rate as well, for both male and female. There are assorted spots in this village, visited by mass of tourists. Moreover, it embraces certain aspects besides cleanliness, which makes the village beneficial enough to visit for.

Amusement of Hiking and Trekking

hiking and trekking in Meghalaya

Well, hiking and trekking can be said as alternatives to mountains. But why Meghalaya ? Wondering? It's just because of the fact that these activities are as formidable here, as that in the Himalayan ranges. One can downrightly, witness the presence of themselves amidst the clouds all around, while hiking and trekking. Lingering at camps in the midst of the clouds at the mountains, shall be a great escapade to witness the stars covered sky. Mawlyngot trekking trip, Smit Trek, Pynursla Trek Tour, David Scot Trail are some of the unsurpassable spots for it. Conquer yourselves rather than the mountains.

Caves of Limestone

Krem Liat Prah   Limestone Caves

Wanna seek a treasure ? Here it is - the Limestone Caves. The world's prodigious limestone caves can be found in Meghalaya, mainly in the Garo, Khasi and Jaintia hills. In order to explore the caves utterly, and traverse the secrets behind each cave, rock climbing, mountain climbing and swimming are the foremost and peerless activities or ways, to do so. One will be astonished to know that the Krem Liat Prah, which is the world's largest limestone cave, is found in Meghalaya, at the hills of Jaintia.

Appealing Culture

 KaPom-Blang, Shad Suk Mynsiem

Comprising of the paramount tribes Garos, Khasis and Jaintias, Meghalaya encompasses an unique tempting culture that draws most of the tourists to immigrate every year. KaPom-Blang, Shad Suk Mynsiem, Ka-Shad ShyngwiangThangiap are the festivals commemorated on an large basis amongst the tribes. Matrilineal system preponderates here, which makes it more distinct from the other states. An amalgamation of religion Pantheism and Hinduism is also followed by the people of Meghalaya. The unification besides the diverse culture can be contemplated here.

National Parks

 Nokrek National Park
 Nokrek National Park

National Parks are comprised under maximum states. They have the proficiency to add natural greenery to the region wherever they get positioned. Furnished with mountains, hills, cascades, Meghalaya also comprises certain natural parks for the preservation and perpetuation of diverse flora and fauna, making it worthy to visit for the tourists. National Parks of Meghalaya epitomizes one of the pronounced tradition to serve public service. Ever witnessed a Hollock Gibbon in North-East India ? If not than the Nokrek National Park, located at the Garo Hills, is one of the best place to witness so. But it's also a matter of fortuity to see it. This park is also the home to golden cat and ultra-rare red panda. Balpakram National Park and Siju Bird Sanctuary are also located to have a thorough glimpse on the Seashell fossils and diverse Domestic and Seasonal Birds respectively.

If you're already an adventurer, include Meghalaya to your list. And if you are the home-school-job kid than it's time get up from your pillow and visit  Meghalaya. These 5 reasons why you need to Explore Meghalaya might have assuredly broadened your frame of reference towards this place. Don't let your age or vocation to be the barricade, in your way of voyage to the world.

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